Day 49 — JupyterCon!

For the past 4 days, I've been spending some time at JupyterCon! It's been great listening to talks and looking at all the things people are building with Jupyter! All of the chat has been happening on the JupyterCon Mattermost instance. Thank you to the organizers for all their work in bringing the event online!

On Tuesday, it was really fun to look at the history of Jupyter notebooks in Min Ragan-Kelley's keynote! You should totally check it out when the videos are uploaded to YouTube. Min started working on Jupyter as an undergrad, and showed how the Jupyter (earlier IPython) notebook looked like at every stage in its evolution. He also created a Dockerfile with an old version of the IPython notebook!

I also learned about the IPython demo module which can be used to play code in a live demo! And that Stanford built ipython-hydra in 2014, to let anyone launch a Jupyter notebook server from a single page (the problem that JupyterHub solves today)! I also vaguely remember him mentioning how a bug in IPython let two different threads write to stdout at once (I need to look at the video again when it comes out to find the context in which it was mentioned)!

Today I presented a (pre-recorded) talk in the Enterprise Jupyter Infra track at JupyterCon! And I also worked on adding some notes to this README and building a proof of concept tool to go along as resources for the talk.