Day 43 — Mysterious PEPs and where to find them

I've been reading (and forgetting about) a lot of PEPs lately. When you read a PEP, it mentions how "this" thing was defined in "this" PEP, and how "that" thing was defined in "this other" PEP. So I thought that it would be cool to look at all the PEPs a PEP mentions in it.

Today I took a break from things that I've been working on for some time, and looked into visualizing PEP references on a graph using d3! You can check it out at You can scroll to zoom into the graph, click and drag to move around, and then click on a PEP to see which other PEPs it refers to:


I want to add two more features (maybe next week):

There are so many other types of visualizations that can be built around PEPs! For example, a timeline-type visualization like that shows when a PEP was first created and when it was accepted / deferred / etc.

I also discovered some PEPs that mention some non-existent PEPs (and some [bug]s in my own code which extracts this data!):

I've fixed those bugs by checking for some of these non-existent PEPs for now!