Day 37 — A rustup doc for Python!

When I was trying to learn Rust (I need to get back :( ) some weeks ago, I really liked how I was able to install every tool I needed to write Rust with just one curl command! I also loved the rustup doc command which opened the docs for my installed Rust toolchain in the browser!

Today I wanted to look at docs for the ctypes module from the Python standard library. So I went to a search engine which directed me to docs for Python 2.7 :(

I've been facing this problem for some time now, so I made python-doc (similar to rustup doc) to open docs for any Python standard library module for my installed Python version in the browser!

  $ python-doc -m ctypes

Adding a -w option to that command opens the docs on I also want to add options to open the tutorial, what's new, packaging, and other sections of the docs with --tutorial, --whats-new, --packaging etc. (similar to rustup doc --book). And a GitHub action to make weekly releases to PyPI!

Search engines can't direct me to Python 2.7 docs anymore!