Day 26 — How are six weeks over already?!

Oh no, I'm almost at the midpoint of the batch! Half of my batch is almost over :( I wish I could be in batch forever, and work on learning and building new things every day!

I took some time to reflect on the past 5 weeks. These are the goals I listed in the "What I'd like to learn and work on at RC" section of my RC profile at the start of the batch:

  1. Remove ghostscript and opencv as camelot dependencies to make installation easy for users - Things have been moving slow here, I need to put all my energy here for the next 6 weeks.
  2. Learn Rust and WebAssembly - This looks like a very broad goal, but it's coupled with 1. I learned some things about how Rust and WebAssembly work but I need to move fast!
  3. Get more comfortable in frontend development and work on enhancements for excalibur - This has not happened yet, and I might not have time to do this in the next 6 weeks, so dropping this goal for the batch :(
  4. Make new open-source tools! - Made present and itslit! And I have more ideas that I want to work on!
  5. Go deep into operating systems, learn how Linux and containers work, and implement a shell! - I'm planning to use 2 to try and go deep into this one!
  6. Make audio tools on the intersection of Python and the Guitar - This also hasn't happened yet, and I might not have time to explore this, so dropping this goal for now :(
  7. Write blog posts about anything! (1 per week) - This is going great! Have written a blog post for every day I've spent at RC :)
  8. Prepare for job interviews - Can't drop this, might have to start thinking about this soon.

As I skim through the titles of each blog post for the past 5 weeks, they look very exploratory, and not focused. So I want to make the next 6 weeks more focused in terms of goals 1, 2, and 5. Some other things that I spent time on were; working on existing issues and PRs for camelot and excalibur, and recording a talk for PyConline AU. I also learned a few things about the Python packaging ecosystem, and I want to explore the rest!