Day 18 — Mini kubey kube, where are you?

I decided to set up minikube to create a small demo for a talk that I have to submit this weekend. Right now I'm going through the Phase 4 that Hynek Schlawack talks about in his article on conference speaking.


— Hynek Schlawack March 6, 2017

  $ curl -LO && chmod +x kubectl
  $ sudo install kubectl /usr/local/bin/
  $ curl -Lo minikube && chmod +x minikube
  $ sudo install minikube /usr/local/bin/
  $ minikube start
  😄  minikube v1.12.3 on Ubuntu 18.04
  ✨  Automatically selected the docker driver
  👍  Starting control plane node minikube in cluster minikube
  🚜  Pulling base image ...
  💾  Downloading Kubernetes v1.18.3 preload ...
      > preloaded-images-k8s-v5-v1.18.3-docker-overlay2-amd64.tar.lz4: 510.91 MiB
  🔥  Creating docker container (CPUs=2, Memory=3900MB) ...
  🐳  Preparing Kubernetes v1.18.3 on Docker 19.03.8 ...
  💥  initialization failed, will try again:

After scrolling through the large error logs and trying to make sense of them, I turned to Google and started looking at some existing GH issues. I came back after a while to see that it had started up (after some timeouts). I guess things were taking a lot of time to come up on my smol machine.

  🌟  Enabled addons: default-storageclass, storage-provisioner
  🏄  Done! kubectl is now configured to use "minikube"
  $ kubectl get pods
  No resources found in default namespace.

Today I attended remotehost (it's called localhost when everyone attends in person!) and learned how some alums are building really awesome virtual spaces. I also attended the NixOS user group, and learned how Andrey maintains Nix configurations for all his systems, which makes it easy to set up a new system with the same configuration. System reproducibility FTW! I want to try out NixOS soon. At the non-technical talks, I learned about Jacob's cool drawings, Nina's bread experiments, Patrick's NYC bus door adventures, and about Nina Simone from Dree.

Also, a middle school teacher across the world used present to make a welcome screen for his students while they join the Zoom class, which is surreal!