Day 12 — Bugs bugs bugs

Today I had two nice coffee chats and tidied up my learning outline. I will dive deep into Rust and Python packaging in the next few weeks.

I also added a comment on this asciimatics issue to possibly contribute codio as a "typewriter effect"! It would be awesome to see this in the example. After that, I had to set up the Travis integration for camelot again as it somehow stopped running tests on PRs. That helped me merge two fixes, and work on a fix for a long-standing bug. Later, I found that the GitHub Action for conrad had been running but not raising a PR to update new events! It would skip that step with this message: Pull request branch 'add-events-a13da1d' already exists for this commit. Skipping. I guess I need to set it up to send an alert so that it doesn't fail silently.

I had initially planned to start reading the Rust book and try out some rustlings, but ended up watching some RustConf 2020 videos. I will follow the earlier plan tomorrow!

These are the RustConf 2020 videos that I watched: