Day 9 — Slow day

Today I couldn't get a lot done, just ended up fixing some bugs on present. I had some enhancement ideas though.

What if you can run the Python interpreter inside your slide's code block? Or even a shell prompt? What about a RICE-like view where you can execute a pre-existing code block and then look at the output that gets printed below?

Or have a pre-recorded code demo which gets typed sequentially in a code block? I've seen this in a PyCon talk before (which I can't find right now). Tomorrow I might try and see if I can extend the asciimatics effects base class to do this. It's like taking a list of inputs and their outputs, print the input one character at a time, and then print the output all at once on a new line!

Also, while reading through the list of maintainers for various Python standard library modules, I found tabnanny, which used to be maintained by Tim Peters. It can be used to detect if your Python code has "ambiguous" indentation, upon which it raises a NannyNag exception! But even after trying to get it to throw an error, it gave me a "Clean bill of health.". I'm probably doing something wrong.