Day 0 — What I want to do at Recurse Center

I've been accepted to the Fall 1 batch at the Recurse Center (yay!), which starts tomorrow. RC is an educational retreat for programmers, based in New York City. It is heavily influenced by unschooling, which means that it is self-directed and everyone is free to explore and learn what they're interested in. Batches are 1-week, 6-weeks and 12-weeks (all remote this year), and they start every 6 weeks. You can check out the user's manual to learn more.

One of my (continuously evolving) goals for the 12-week batch is to understand Python and its packaging ecosystem at a deeper level, how it evolved and where it's going. In addition to that, I want to work on making installation for camelot easy by removing(?) ghostscript as a dependency. I'm planning to learn Rust and see how it can be used to write Python extensions. Maybe it can be used to fix the camelot installation problem. I also want to go deep into operating systems and computer networks by working on small coding projects, like writing a shell. And I want to continue to make new open-source CLI tools!

I also want to build a writing habit. To do this, I'm planning to write a blog post every day while I'm at RC (even if it's a short one), so here this is.