Last Year Tonight at NH7 Weekender Meghalaya 2017

Last year tonight, I was in Meghalaya for NH7 Weekender with my friends (also co-workers at the time), Deepu and Rishabh (aka Jain). We'd been aching to visit Meghalaya after watching Ethereal's "Meghalaya Alive!" video. And after hearing about Weekender happening there (with Steve Vai headlining it) there was no reason not to go!

We decided to stay in Meghalaya for a week after Weekender. Jain was appointed CIO (Chief Itinerary Officer) for the trip but he didn't come through with a plan in the two months leading to it, after which we decided to just improvise. We had an amazing experience!

This year, two of my friends, Tanay and Akash, are headed to Weekender. While answering their questions about what to do and where to go, I got the idea to compile the information in a blog post, so that it can be helpful to more CIOs out there! I'm also writing this for my future self (while the memories are still fresh) since I plan to treat this blog as my personal pensieve.

Here's the route we followed in Meghalaya (from Google Maps):

Guwahati-Shillong-Thadlaskein-Shnongpdeng-Cherrapunjee-Nongriat and back

Last year, the Weekender took place in Thadlaskein (50 km from Shillong). There are multiple campsites around the area, we stayed at Highwinds which is the nearest one.

Weekender site

There's a tl;dr version if you're looking to save time and there's a slightly longer story version too.


This is the tl;dr version. You can add or remove days/places/activities/protips based on your travel duration. This year, Weekender is on 2-3 November, which is late compared to last year. I've used the imperative mood here.

This is the biggest protip I want to put out — rent a bike in Guwahati and do a bike trip! The roads in Meghalaya are the best you're going to get in India. Or you can book a cab in Shillong for the rest of the trip.

This is the slightly longer story version. I'll complete it soon!