End Terms over!

Ah! This post is due for a long time now. So my end term exams just ended yesterday, whereas my friends at other colleges got rid of them by the end of April. Y U DO THIS, GUGSEEPOO?

But no respite for me, as my college has this compulsory summer training at the end of a student's sophomore year. We were given a list of subjects to choose from for the training and asked to fill our preferences. I filled Cloud Computing as my first preference initially but then I started to like Embedded Systems more. Had to submit an application to swap the subject with a student who wanted anything but Embedded Systems. I still don't know whether the subjects were swapped or not. But I guess I don't care anymore.

I'm more excited about organizing programming contests at my college, as a Campus Ambassador for HackerRank. You can follow contest updates from the BVCOE Delhi HackerRank Club here.

I rooted my phone finally, which was not difficult as it is trivial to unlock the bootloader on a Nexus device. Flashed Paranoid Android after a few hiccups with the help of DarthCodus.

My interest in football has grown exponentially, more towards playing, than watching. So if you're playing somewhere in West Delhi, please inform me, I'll be there. :D

Let's hope for a productive summer!